‘Wild Fire’

Grasses dried
By the summer’s hot sun.
By the white hot heat
Of a bolt of lightning
Orange flames hungrily devour
Everything in their path.
The roiling billows of smoke
that can now be seen
Portend the destruction
that lies in the wake of this red hot monster.
The flames become a wave of fire
Dancing gleefully over the parched land.
Swept along quickly by the wind
Rising higher and higher
Ever threatening
By the hand of Man, water comes
To drown the flames.
Up in the sky, planes appear
Assisting those on the ground.
Then, at last,
The wind dies down.
The smoke disappears.
The hungry flames that threatened terror
Just moments ago
Have now been quenched.
The devilish flames were put to rout
By the warriors who fight fires.
It is quiet now.
The battle’s been won
The warriors saved the day.
— Leona Hemmerich, Dinosaur