2011 seniors top faculty

Several Meeker alumni returned to the court at Meeker High School for the annual odd versus even years basketball games to benefit the Meeker boys’ basketball program. Returning to play were Colton Brown, Juan Villalpando, Kurtis Dunbar, Ever Olivas, Kevin Dunbar, Todd Morris, Cole Steiner, T. Vance Watt, Pat Love, Brock Campbell and Jake Nieslanik. The odds won 63-56.

MEEKER I The annual alumni/faculty/ senior basketball games played last weekend raised money for the Meeker High School basketball programs.In the first game, the newly graduated MHS seniors needed an extra period to defeat  faculty by 57-54. The faculty was able to get out quickly in the first half to take a 33-28 lead on their younger counterparts. Fatigue started to show for the teacher group as the grads overtook their lead in the second half to tie the game at 54 at the end of the regulation time.In the extra period, seniors hit a three-pointer and ran out the time to give the grad class the victory. Jake Nieslanik and Cole Steiner led the seniors with 22 and 16 points respectively, while the faculty was paced by Kris Casey with 14 and Matt Dupire with 12.Brock Campbell (‘10) came out on fire to start the annual odd vs. even years alumni game. Hitting a pair of threes and a field goal, Campbell paced his even team to a quick 8-0 lead before the odds starting chipping away.Playing in his second game of the evening, 2011 graduate Jake Nieslanik got his odd team started. Although Campbell hit 17 of his game high 28 in the first half the odds were able to overtake their opponent’s lead and close out the period with a 13 point advantage 39-26.In the second half, the evens closed the gap but were unable to overtake the lead. Again, Campbell led his team with 11, Kurtis Dunbar (‘07) scored 10 in the second half to keep his team on top. The odds were able to hold on to the lead and finished the game with a 63-56 victory. For the odds, Nielslanik (‘11) scored 19, Kurtis Dunbar (‘07) – 16, Cole Steiner (‘11)-12, Kevin Dunbar (‘03)-8, Juan Villalpando (‘07) – 3 and T-Vance Watt (‘93) – 2. The evens had Campbell (‘10)- 28, Colton Brown (‘10)- 8, Luis Villalpando (‘06)- 5, Ever Olivas and Pat Love (‘10)- 4 each, and making his debut, Todd Morris (a long time ago) – 2.The MHS basketball team wishes to thank all the spectators and players who participated in this year’s contests.