4-H club members spruce up the Rangely fairgrounds

RANGELY — Members of the Rangely 4-H Council and Udderly Cool Goat club met May 27 at the Rangely fairgrounds for a community service project.
Lately, the Rangely fairgrounds have been in need of a new coat of paint. The 4-H clubs accepted this project and spent the day working hard for our community. The volunteers include James Roger, Brandon Rose, Brittany Babbineaux, Emily and Rose Peterson, Makayla Darnell, Torie and Tessa Slagle, Jake Smith, Ethan and Troy Allred and Shelby Neiberger.
Lori Woodhouse was a great help directing us on what to do and even supplying the necessary tools to paint with. The club’s members would like to thank her for all of her assistance.
4-H relies on the community it is in and community service is our way of saying thank you to everyone who supports us.
Whether you’re a parent or whether you come to the year-end sale, you are helping us and we would love to help you.
If you have any community service projects that need done please contact the Rangely or Meeker extension office.