4-H News

MEEKER — The annual 4-H Grandparents/Senior Appreciation Dinner was held Sunday Feb. 22 at the new exhibit hall at the Meeker Fairgrounds.
I have to say this was the best dinner our 4-H members have ever put on. We started the day at noon with a trip to Watts with 12 4-H’ers in hand. We split up into groups and bought all the ingredients, minus the main ingredient. Thankfully Ty Shepherd was there to keep us all in line.
After we got back, the kids unpacked the pickles and started cooking. They did everything: prepared 10 bowls of salad, cooked a lot of spaghetti, baked five cakes, prepared two jugs of tea and six loaves of bread. And, we ran out of food. We were expecting 50 people; almost 80 showed up. It was an awesome surprise.
I am so proud of all our 4-H members. They created a beautiful meal for our grandparents, entertained them and wined and dined them all night! Thank you to all our grandparents who came and supported our members and tolerated a little bit of mayhem. Thank you, we appreciate you so much!

MEEKER — The Meeker 4-H Pig club has had three meetings. We found out that in order to complete we have to make it to half of the meetings, which is four meetings. Then we elected the pig 4-H officers.

  • Nate Walsh — president
  • Morgan Nielson — vice president
  • Denee Chintala — secretary
  • Ty Shepherd — reporter
  • Caitlyn Shepherd — treasurer

Then we got a new paper that the pig sellers have to fill out when you buy your pig. This paper tells the fair board the country of origin on our animals. You will not be able to sell without this paper.
Later we split up into groups and worked on different things on picking out the perfect pig.
Group one worked on the health problems and group two worked on the leanness. Group three worked on the muscle that the pig needed. Finally, group four [worked on] conformation of the pig.
Then we got a list of pig sellers in the area. At the next meeting next month we will talk about different housing for the pigs.
Thank you Todd Morris for your time and work you put into the pig 4-H club.