8th grade Panthers play Steamboat, Craig

RANGELY | The eighth grade A team redeemed themselves this weekend in Craig when they were able to face Steamboat again. Last week, Steamboat easily won against the Panthers but this week Rangely was ready to fight and stayed within a couple of baskets against them and finally tied in the fourth quarter. Steamboat still came up with the win but Rangely brought their game this week.
The eighth grade B team also played Steamboat well. The score went back and forth and actually ended in a tie. However, Steamboat came out on top again.
The eighth grade A team also faced Craig for the first time. The Panthers were up the entire game but lost it in the fourth quarter.
The Panthers only have five A players, five B players and two swing players who play between the A and B team, for a total of 12. Rangely just ran out of gas and was not able to seal the deal against Craig. Coach Jessica Fortunato was impressed with how well seventh grader Justin Cudo stepped up to help the eighth grade team. Sydney Cole and Gabe Polley were top scorers for Rangely this week.
The Panthers do not have a scheduled game this week but they will go on to face Meeker at home on Nov. 10.