Abatement work underway at Meeker High School campus

MEEKER | The Meeker School District has begun our project to improve the high school campus. Over approximately the next 18 months there will be abatement and construction occurring in and around the current building.

Abatement work began during spring break this year. Therefore, some parts of the school may no longer be accessed by students, staff, or community members. Asbestos and mercury abatement will be ongoing during the remainder of the school year. The mercury and asbestos abatement began in the cafeteria, auxiliary gym, boy’s locker room, and classrooms and shops at the south end of the building. This will be followed by work in the pipe chases below the building. Over the summer, much of the asbestos containing material (ACM) will be removed from the floor on the north end of the building.

Because of the hazardous nature of these materials we must ensure the safety of all building occupants. Weecycle Environmental Consultants, Inc. was hired by the Meeker School District to help in the removal of the hazardous materials prior to demolition work. Weecycle’s inspectors have confirmed the location and amount of both ACM and mercury containing Tartan Flooring in the building. Weecycle’s Air Monitoring Specialists are on site to conduct ambient air sampling during abatement, and final air clearance sampling to guarantee the air remains clean and safe during this project. Weecycle’s Project Manager will also be on site regularly to certify that all applicable AHERA, OSHA, and COLORADO REGULATION 8 (Asbestos Regulations) are being met.

The Air Monitoring Specialist (AMS) will spend much of her/his time monitoring the abatement contractor inside the containment barriers. The AMS will make sure the workers are using adequate water inside the containment, which reduces airborne fibers, and that the inside of the containment area meets all applicable expectations. The AMS will inspect the containment barriers daily to confirm their integrity.

The AMS is also required to keep a daily log of all events. The daily log includes who was on site, including both abatement workers and visitors, if the project is on schedule, and a daily air monitoring log. This information will be posted on the construction site and shared with the school district.

These procedures ensure that the area adjacent to abatement activities is safe for occupancy by Meeker School District students, staff, and community members. Additional information about testing practices can be obtained by contacting Weecycle Environmental representatives Judith Sawitsky at 303-434-0774 or Lauren York at 303-434-0434. Community members are also welcome to contact me directly at chris.selle@meeker.k12.co.us or 970-878-9040.

By Chris Selle | MSD Superintendent