Rangely Locals: June 12, 2008

RANGELY — Summer has officially started! I know this because I went to the Denver Broncos Fan Fair with my family and that signals the beginning of summer vacation.

Rangely Locals: April 17, 2008

RANGELY — Did you enjoy the sunshine last weekend? Hopefully, it was the beginning of more! I’m hoping that now that people are wanting to get out they’ll share news for my article. I’m always wanting to hear about birthdays, anniversaries, visitors or anything else happening in Rangely that I can add to my column.

Rangely Locals: February 7, 2008

RANGELY — I’m not even going to comment on the weather this week! I’m just thankful to live in Colorado where we have such a wide variety of weather. I want to start my column this week with a recognition of Rosa Lopez, who is now an official citizen of the United States.