Editor’s Column: Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts

Although the phrase is commonly attributed to the Joe Friday character on Dragnet (a popular TV show in the 1950s), it was actually coined as part of a Dragnet parody. Nevertheless, it makes for a good rule of thumb in journalism. On any given day, emails and phone calls (and sometimes live, warm bodies) come […]

First day of autumn…

The fall equinox takes place at 8:21 a.m. today, marking the first official day of autumn. From here, daylight hours get shorter until winter solstice in December. While temperatures have remained mild, the leaves are starting to turn in the White River Valley, which means the next few weekends will be prime viewing for fall […]

Rubber duck race to raise funds for Coal Creek School

“A Pleasant Event” was reported in the Meeker Herald on Sept. 24, 1892, about the dedicatory ball held at Coal Creek School. People from all over the county came to this “temple of learning” for a dance and a supper that was an “epicurean feast.” The total cost of the building was $2,000. More than […]

No confirmed plans to close campgrounds upriver from Meeker

Meeker area residents and recreationalists can rest a little easier regarding concerns about the closure of multiple upriver campgrounds. “In my career this is the third round where we’ve nationally looked at our developed sites in the forest,” Rich Doak, White River National Forest staff officer for recreation explained, referring to the Recreational Site Analysis […]

Editor’s Column… So much potential for good things

Last weekend my husband and I and moved into an antique house in Meeker. I’ve always wanted to live in an old house, and this one qualifies. It was built in 1912, and I’m itching to dig into public and historical records and find out about its history. That said, it comes with quirks. Like […]

Meeker Project 45 moves forward

  “It’s all in the name of revitalizing Meeker,” Meeker Chamber of Commerce director Stephanie Kobald said of the Main Street America program during Monday’s informational meeting at Kilowatt Korner. Meeker was accepted into the program in July after about a year of preparation. Monday, Johanna Jamison from the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) […]

CNCC Classes in Meeker

The following exciting classes are still available for registration: High Altitude Tomato Canning—Sept. 16; Graphology: Handwriting Analysis—Oct. 3; Computer Classes—Microsoft Word—Oct. 11; Microsoft Excel—Nov. 8, and PowerPoint—Dec. 6; Mosaic Workshop—Exciting craft class—Oct. 14-15; Food Safety Works Training for employees in food service—Sept. 29. Call 878-5227, email iris.franklin@cncc.edu, or stop by the CNCC office on Tuesday […]

Letter to the Editor: Dangerous Donald Trump

  Dear Editor: Dangerous Donald Trump might be a threat to our viability. He could try to assume dictatorial powers and abolish the Constitution, Congress, and the Supreme Court. Some of his supporters are far right extremists. His candidacy is reminiscent of the Fascists in Germany, Italy, and Japan during the 1930s and 1940s. Trump […]

Forest Service issues temporary closure for Lost Solar Fire area

RBC I As of Wednesday morning, the Blanco Ranger District issued a temporary area closure order for the Lost Solar Fire area in the Flat Tops Wilderness. The lightning-caused fire has grown to approximately 4,500 acres since it started Aug. 8 and is burning in mixed conifer and aspen and partially in open meadow in […]

Editor’s Column: East Egg vs. West Egg thinking is detrimental to all of us

In the 16 years I’ve been at the paper there is one particular complaint from readers that never seems to be satisfactorily resolved: Meeker coverage vs. Rangely coverage. I heard a lot of that at Septemberfest this weekend. Share on Facebook

TANK organizers look to the future of sonic center

RANGELY I Two months after The TANK International Center for Sonic Arts opened to the public, organizers are reflecting on a summer of transitions and looking ahead to the reverberant sound space’s future. Share on Facebook