Bennett, Swenson honored

RANGELY I Rangely School District has deemed October “principal appreciation month” and would like to honor Parkview Elementary Principal Bennie Bennett and Rangely Jr./Sr. High School Principal Berry Swenson.
Bennett, according to Rangely’s kindergarteners, helps sick kids, “talks to us over the radio (intercom),” helps kids, tells stories on the radio (see above), “helps us from bad stuff happening, keeps us safe,” talks to kids in trouble, “bad kids come to her office and she calls the moms,” makes the rules, types on her computer, “comes into our classroom” and “helps everybody read.”
According to a Parkview teacher, “Bennie is techno savvy and takes time to speak to students and staff wherever she is. She is very involved with our school in making those that attend Parkview educationally ‘fun’.”
And from the parent of a Parkview student: “I was a little nervous about my children having a new principal after having Ms. Lansing, who was wonderful, but Ms. Bennett has come in as her own person and has made Parkview Elementary just as special. I think our students and community are very fortunate that Ms. Bennett chose to come to Rangely.”
A student at Rangely Junior/Senior High School has this to say about Principal Berry Swenson: “I like Mr. Swenson because he is a hard working man and gets things done. He is strict, which is good. Mr. Swenson is also great with the students. He gives them compliments and jokes with them sometimes.  He makes the students want to come to school. He makes everybodys’ days enjoyable.
A teacher commented, “Berry Swenson is a wonderful man who I put total confidence and faith in as the principal of Rangely Junior/Senior High School. He is the type of administrator who is constantly looking for ways to make our school environment the best it can possibly be by always supporting and looking out for the needs of his staff, the parents, and most importantly, the students.”
And one of the parents of a Rangely Jr./Sr. High student stated: “Mr. Swenson has proven that he is committed to the welfare of the students, teachers, and staff at Rangely Jr./Sr. High School. Since he has become our principal disciplinary issues have gone considerably down and the learning environment and the students attitudes have gone way up!”
Congratulations to these two Rangely School District principals.