Rangely Junior High students presented the play “Cinderella’s Crunchy Christmas Cake” last Thursday. The play is a story about Cinderella trying to make Prince Theodore’s favorite holiday cake. It is a nightmare. Cinderella tells the cook, Milly, her plans. Milly fully expects it to be a disaster. From the fighting of the step-sisters, to the visit from the princess cousin, to the cranky grandma and grandpa fairy godmothers, the kitchen is a complete disaster and the cake has lumps and crunchy bits all throughout. Leave it to Cinderella’s fairy godmother Beatrice to save the day. Teddy gets his cake and there was plenty to share with the audience. Let’s not forget Salamander, Teddy’s noble footman, with the snide remarks and funny Uncle Fritz stories. Performers included: Cinderella—Afton Robertson, Milly—Paola Munoz, Beatrice—Jade Miller, Theodore—Anthony Dorris, Salamander—Lauren Ward, Gladiola—Adywen Meeks, Gardenia—MacKenzie Manchester, Violet—Annika Cantrell, Ishy—Macy Morgan and Elmer—Ky Kirby Backstage helpers were Valynn Broderick, Ashton Bennett and Drake Miller.


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