Honey: from the hive to your home

September 6, 2019 Niki Turner 0

MEEKER I Honey is something most of us take for granted. We slather it on toast or swirl it into our tea without a second thought. But to local producers, those amber-colored jars of goodness […]


Executive Council …

September 3, 2019 Special to the Herald Times 0

Rangely High School Executive Council is made up of Dillya Wagner and Tiffany Holmes Co Chair President, Dixie Rhea Secretary, Dylan LeBleu Treasurer, Hannah Wilkie Public Relations and Andrea Knight and Zoey Peck Rowdy Worm […]


Fired up …

September 2, 2019 Niki Turner 0

Meeker Volunteer Fire and Rescue members were out this week keeping their skills sharp. It’s been a quiet fire season thus far, but dry temperatures as we head into fall have elevated the fire danger […]


Purple heart …

September 1, 2019 Special to the Herald Times 5

Rangely veterans have added a purple heart around the base of the Veterans’ Memorial statue. The Purple Heart is a military decoration for those wounded or killed in action, first established in 1782 and re-established […]


MHS Class of 1969 …

September 1, 2019 Special to the Herald Times 1

Members of the Meeker High School Class of 1969 held their 50th class reunion last weekend and included a barbecue at Joe Merriam’s and a tour of the high school under construction.  Jim Cook Photo

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