Cowboys finish third in Paonia, crown 2 champs

MEEKER I The Meeker High School wrestling team finished third in the Screamin’ Eagle tournament Saturday in Paonia, then pinned the Bulldogs seven times to win a dual in Craig on Tuesday. Tonight the Cowboys will wrestle a triangular in Palisade against the host Bulldogs and the Bulldogs from Hotchkiss. Share on Facebook

Letter to the Editor: “Home Of…” suggestion

Dear Editor: I have a suggestion, and maybe it is one you have already received. Share on Facebook

Home of: Tom and Lori Farris

meeker | After 50 years and five days of marriage and 36 years of living in Meeker, one can probably assume that Tom and Lori Farris are in both for the long haul. Share on Facebook

Home Of: Andy and Elaine Shaffer

RANGELY | Andy and Elaine Shaffer are happy to call Rangely home. Elaine has no choice as she was born in Rangely District Hospital. Share on Facebook

Home of: Dale and Jill Dunbar

MEEKER | The appeal of a small town and the availability of outdoor activities played a major role in Dale and Jill Dunbar’s decision to set up home in Meeker. Share on Facebook

Home of: Peter and Colleen Brixius

RANGELY | Peter and Colleen Brixius find Rangely to “fit how we view ourselves; it is a lot like ourselves with real Western values.” Share on Facebook

Home of: Doc and Debbie Watson

MEEKER | Grace Bible Church brought Deb and Doc Watson to Meeker from Crawfordsville, Ind., 27 years ago from Crawfordsville, Ind., but the Watsons seem to be as happy with the move as the church must be to have kept the Watsons here that long. Share on Facebook

Home of: Dr. Kenneth and Jenine Myers

RANGELY | Dr. Kenneth Myers is a third-generation Colorado native born in Denver. His wife, Jenine, was born and raised in nearby Vernal, Utah. Share on Facebook

Home of: Larry and Sandra Johnson

MEEKER | After 17 years in Meeker, Larry and Sandra Johnson are pretty fond of their home town, particularly the “great way that everybody treats each other,” Larry said. Larry and Sandra are Colorado natives. Both were born in Denver. Share on Facebook

Home of: Kennith and June Dotson

RANGELY | When June Dotson first visited Rangely in 1960, she hated it and said she never wanted to see the place again. In 1961, she and her husband, Kennith, moved to Rangely and they have been here ever since, loving every minute of it — except in the dead of winter, when they travel […]

Home of: Richard and Pearl Ellsworth

MEEKER | Colorado natives Richard and Pearl Ellsworth will have lived in Meeker for 40 years as of June, and they are pretty happy to be living their lives in a rural surrounding. Share on Facebook

Home of: Dave and Georgann Prosser

RANGELY | Georgann Prosser has every right to call Rangely home since she moved here 52 years ago at the age of 2 months, and Dave Prosser has called Rangely home since 1982, when he relocated from West Virginia. Together, they find Rangely a pretty good place. Share on Facebook