CNCC flight team scores fourth overall, places second in nation

RBC I The flight team at Colorado Northwest Community College in Rangely wrapped up its season Oct. 26 at the National Intercollegiate Flight Association (NIFA) regional competition at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, finishing fourth overall and second in the national competition.

“Another great year for the CNCC flight team is behind us, and everyone returned safely from the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs,” flight team coach Jason Krueger said. “We had a lot of success, but came up just a little short this year.
“Our greatest achievement is bringing home the safety trophy this year; this is the first time in several years we won this trophy and we were the only team without a disqualification.”
CNCC will host the 2015 NIFA Regional competition next October at Rangely Airport.
A list of CNCC’s finishers in the top 10 follows:

7th – Ben Fitzgibbons/Nathan Hardin
9th – James Zorn/Joe Carey
13th – Cutis Noel/Peter Larralde
Power Off Landings
6th – Peter Larralde
17th – Curtis Noel
20th – James Zorn
Short Field Landings
12th – Bradley Antista
13th – Peter Larralde
Message Drop
2nd Joe Carey/Michael Kaiser
7th Bradley Antista/Madi Wolf
13th Curtis Noel/Blake Mueller
20th James Zorn/Daniel Turner
Flight Computer
18th – James Hunter
19th – Madi Wolf
Aircraft Recognition
6th – Curtis Noel
7th – Joe Carey
20th – Nathan Hardin
Flight Simulator
6th – James Zorn
10th – Nathan Hardin
16th – Curtis Noel
Simulated Comprehensive Aircraft Navigation
12th – James Zorn
13th – Ben Fitzgibbons
16th – Nathan Hardin
Aircraft Preflight
1st – Blake Mueller
2nd – Curtis Noel
3rd – Ben Fitzgibbons