Days Gone By: April 4, 2019

The Meeker Herald

125 years ago

J.W. Bainbrich came up from Piceance creek on Tuesday, and paid THE HERALD office a visit before returning the next day. He reports that cattle are doing well in his section, and the loss during the past winter, he contends, will be less than any previous year since his advent into the county.


The Meeker Herald

100 years ago

-“Here is a preacher who announces that the automobile is a menace to religion.” “Maybe the poor fellow bought a second-hand car.” Charlotte Observer.

-Lee Peterson spent a few days in town early part of the week. Mr. Peterson now owns the old historic Dunk Blair ranch-down the river. The place consists of over 100 acres, and holds the distinction of being the first regular ranch location on White River.

-Wife-Are you sure you caught this fish?

Mr. Gayfello-Of course.

Wife-It smells very strong.

Mr. Gayfello-Strong? I should say it was! It nearly pulled me overboard.


The Meeker Herald

50 years ago

-County commissioners last Thursday afternoon authorized purchase of a new four-wheel drive vehicle to be used by the coroner and sheriff’s departments which will also be fully equipped as a rural ambulance for off-the-paved road use.

-Colorado State College in Greeley will host the 18th Annual All-State High School Band March 28-29 with 220 select musicians participating. Attending from Meeker are Mary Oldland, Theo Hauck, Mary K. Villa and John Villa. Guest conductor will be Robert S. Vagner, director of bands at the University of Oregon.

-Jerry Seely is the county representative on the steering committee of the Feedlot Feasibility Study. The committee determined a tour to some of the various feeding areas might be helpful to them in analyzing the Feasibility Study Reports. Jerry has some excellent slides and interesting information from the tour. He is willing to visit any interested group and arrangements can be made by contacting him. Local ranchers from 13 counties in Western Colorado saw first hand the revolutionary changes taking place in the beef and grain segments of U.S. Agriculture.


The Meeker Herald

25 years ago

-Sporting events on the eastern slope lured Donna Collins, daughter Lisa Pakuer and sons Levi and Lance to Simla last Friday to be with Donna’s daughter Lori, husband Mike Chintala, daughter Jamie and son J.C. Saturday the women attended a YBA basketball tournament, won by the team on which Jamie played, coached by her mother. Meantime, Mike and the three boys drove over to Stratton where each of the boys wrestled, even 3-year-old J.C., and all received medals! The four returned home Monday, accompanied by Lori, Jamie, and J.C. for a few days of their spring break.

-The Meeker Family Clinic has a new business manager, Thad Jensen, who started with the clinic March 14. Jensen hails from Anoka, Minnesota, but has been working in Aspen as a carpenter for several months prior to accepting the job at the clinic.


Rangely Times

50 years ago

-Criminals needn’t register guns, despite the 1968 Gun Control Act passed by Congress. Only the honest citizens are affected by the law. The Supreme Court said recently that because a man’s previous criminal record made ownership of a gun illegal, registration amount to self-incrimination, which is specifically not required under the Bill of Rights. With the blessing of the Court, criminals will ignore gun registration laws, and the ineffective and burdensome regulations being imposed on sportsmen and sporting goods dealers under the 1968 Gun Control Act will apply only to law abiding citizens.

-Mmes, Pat Hejl & Mary Hall, owners of Four Seasons Floral, P.O. Box 495, Rangely, Colorado, were formally accepted today as a subscriber of Florafax Delivery, Inc., one of the world’s largest flowers-by-wire organizations. Affiliation with Florafax provides subscriber florists with a link to more than 7,500 fellow subscribers in all fifty states of the United States. In addition, Florafax provides coverage in South America and has signed a reciprocal agreement with a service in Canada which makes the facilities of 1,500 Canadian florists available to Florafax subscribers.

-A Western Auto Store will open in Rangely on Thursday, April 3, according to Mr. and Mrs. R.M. Sizemore, owners. Rangely’s newest business is planning a grand opening for April 24 after all stock is in place. The owners have leased the building formerly occupied by Continental Emsco in the 200 block on Main Street and have been working for the past month remodeling and preparing for opening. The new business will handle appliances, furniture, auto parts, tires, tools, batteries, etc, including the Wizard brand name.


Rangely Times

25 years ago

Perhaps you noticed a group of walkers going through Rangely last Saturday. They are part of Walk for Justice ’94 (WFJ), a spiritual walk led by American Indian Movement cofounder Dennis Banks. After camping in Dinosaur Friday night, they stopped over in Rangely Saturday night before proceeding south to Loma. The Walk began February 1 at Alcatraz off the coast of San Francisco, CA. They will meet up with other walker from various parts of the U.S. and Canada, culminating in Washington D.C. on July 15th. The main purpose of the Walk is to call attention to the 18-year prison ordeal of AIM member, Leonard Peltier.

-Recently, the Rangely Middle School had their local Science Fair where Sarah Stanley and Sarah Winterholter “Best of Show” and competed in Grand Junction over Spring Break. In competing with over 300 projects in 18 categories. Sarah Stanley came in 2nd place in Physical Sciences with their project “Effects of Temperature on Conductors” and a special award from the “Welding Society” in the form of a trophy. Sarah Winterholter followed suit by placing 3rd in Medicine & Health with her project “How Do Different Foods Affect Diabetes.”

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