Days Gone By: April 6, 2017

The Meeker Herald
— 100 years ago
– WAR DECLARED: Telegraphic services came in yesterday morning announcing that Congress had empowered the President to declare a state of war as existing between this nation and Germany.
– Roy Tucker departed early part of this week took after his “movie picture” interests on a big circuit.
– “An editor, as you have no doubt found out, sometimes gets criticized for what he doesn’t say as well as for what he does say. He is a general mark for criticism, good or bad, the same as the minister. He may be right, he may be wrong. We cannot please all. I do not try.”~D.P. Saunders, editor of the Brush, Colo., Republican.
– President Reuben Oldland of the Commercial Club received the following telegram last Saturday: “President, Chamber of Commerce, Meeker: Navy Department states that 800 men are required from states of Colorado and Wyoming immediately, to fill Navy emergency compliment; must be enlisted by April 20. You are requested to take up this matter at mass meetings, appealing to all loyal American citizens to stimulate recruiting for Navy, and urge every young man to enlist in order to furnish required number of men, between ages of 17 and 30.”

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago
– Burglars broke into the Meeker Drug Store sometime last Thursday night, taking with them approximately $20 in cash from two cash registers.
– The April 1 snow reading at the Rio Blanco Ranch was 41.5 inches of snow with a water content of 10.4 inches. Harry Tucker and Robert Buckles took the snow reading and reported on the following conditions found.

The Meeker Herald — 25 years ago
– Following 30 hours of formal hearings and many, many more hours of reflection which has been stretched out over the past six weeks, the Rio Blanco County Commissioners released the results of their fact-finding investigation into the problems at Pioneers Hospital, the commissioners recommended that a hospital management firm be hired to come in and run Pioneers.
– Obviously there were no surprises during Tuesday’s Town Council election, with congratulations in order for the new mayor, Jon Hertzke and the three incumbent trustees, Bill Dunham, Steve Loshbaugh and Jim Vinson who all won seats on the board along with newcomer Gary Ordway. The Herald would be remiss, however, if we didn’t bring the public’s focus on outgoing mayor Jan Hughley. Anyone who gives eight years of their life, four as a trustee and another four as mayor and spokesperson for the town, deserves special recognition.

Rangely Times — 50 years ago
– The champion spellers of Rangely were chosen March 22 and will compete at the county contest Friday at Meeker. Winner of the first place medal in the junior high division was eighth grader Mike Hefley. Winner of the elementary division was Markel Massey.
– Activity increased in the skies over Rangely Airport last week when Rangely College added two new craft to the fleet usually based there. The airplanes are Cessna 150’s, both bearing the red and white college colors.
– Winners in the poster contest sponsored by the Rangely Public Library were Kathy Yeager, John Jansons and Brenda Halcomb.

Rangely Times — 25 years ago
– Just the other day a local individual was riding around in the wilds and came across “a piece of lard with black pepper on it.” Thinking very quickly, this person reported this find to the proper authorities. That is how a carcass laced with what appears to be Timeck was found on public property northwest of Rangely. Timeck is an extremely lethal pesticide that looks like corns of unground black pepper. It is also the poison that killed five bears near Meeker last year.
– Incumbents Russell Foxley and David Dixon and elected newcomers Carlton Williams and Charles Bissell were elected to the Rangely Board of Trustees.
– Sandy Murry of Rangely was one number away on the $27 million lotto drawing two weeks ago.