Days Gone By: August 15, 2019

From the Meeker Herald, Aug. 18, 1994–The ‘winners’ of this year’s Kiss a Pig Contest were Meeker Police Chief Si Woodruff (l) and Rio Blanco County Assessor Renae Nielson. The pair tied for the honor of smooching up to a wet-nosed critter, with Commissioner Don Davis (c) among the “dejected” losers, which also included fellow commissioners Joe Collins and David Smith, along with County Clerk Nancy Amick

The Meeker Herald

125 years ago

The Herald overlooked one very important historic item last week, viz: The seventh anniversary of the last Ute outbreak (?). How time flies!

Frank Sawyer met with an accident on Monday at the Sheridan sawmill by which he lost the little finger of the right hand. Dr. Bruner dressed the wound and Mr. Sawyer will be at work again in a few days.

Manager Moulton, of the Hugus firm, was a passenger on the outgoing stage Monday, bound for Denver, where he will meet representatives of eastern houses from whom he will purchase a complete stock of fall and winter goods.

The Meeker Herald

100 years ago

A case was up before the Justice Court last Saturday afternoon charging Roy Murr with bootlegging. It appears that Roy and two other boys had a receipt for making some kind of a drink which was given Roy by a girl. The three boys proceeded to try the receipt out. The secured the necessary ingredients and went to the Rio Blanco barn. They mixed the drink up and placed it it in a trunk where it was found by the sheriff later. The sheriff took some of the contents of the jug to David Crockett who tested it and found it to contain 17 percent alcohol. Roy Murr was arrested but claimed he did not know it would make what it did so Justice Fisk turned him loose.

We cannot make a truce with the anarchist any more than with the absolutist.

The fact that fishing is poor this year is directly attributable to the state game and fish commission. This business of raising fish in hatcheries is equivalent to giving them a college education. They are worldly wise when they are turned into the streams and won’t bite at the regulation bait. A fish that knows too much is a positive detriment to sport.—Greeley News

Now we know the reason why we are unable to catch them of late.

The Meeker Herald

50 years ago

Miss Sally Lou Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Johnson of Piceance Creek, will reign as Range Call Queen at next year’s festivities.

Jim Cook to play in all-star game at Pueblo.

Sunday morning’s spray program was called off after about 40 residents called in to voice objections to a program the town council approved 5 to 1 at their first of the month meeting. After it was learned the program had been called off about 100 people felt just as strong for the program. We are sure the people who called were mostly sincere in their abjections, but actually you take one gallon of diesel and spray it over one acre, which was the formula to be used, and you have a minute amount in the air which quickly settles to the ground and evaporates when the sun strikes it. The spray does not kill the mosquito or fly upon contact, but rather through absorption after coming in contact with the spray several times.

The Meeker Herald

25 years ago

The Meeker Town Council unanimously appointed Herb Hughley to the Meeker Planning Commission.

This year’s Meeker Classic Sheepdog Trials are beginning to take shape as more than 40 participants from around the United States and Canada have submitted entries.

Ed and Bonnie Coryell were the very deserving couple receiving tribute in this year’s county fair book dedication. The Coryells have been active in fair work for the past 20 years as leaders, superintendents, sitting on the Fair Board and countless 4-H trips.

Rangely Times

50 years ago

William H. Bell was appointed principal of the Rangely High School by the Board of District Re-4 at the meeting.

County crews started work this week laying a new mat of blacktop on the main runway of the Rangely Airport and will also cover the new approach ways and cross runway.

Some people are like blisters—they don’t show up until the work is done.

Drive-in banking was invented so cars can go in and see their real owners.

Rangely Times

25 years ago

The “first” moose in history to explore Attchee Ridge in the Bookcliff Mountains was recently sighted searching a dry pond for water.

The Rangely Rough Riders sponsored a family rodeo at Columbine Park.

Roxie Long and her parents made their way to Wyoming in the early morning hours of July 23 Roxie had a 2 o’clock show that afternoon in the entertainment tent at Cheynne Frontier Days Rodeo.


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