Days Gone By: August 8, 2019

The Meeker Herald
125 years ago

– The children of the late Henry Smith request The Herald to tender their sincere thinks [sic] to friends and neighbors for many acts of kindness and consolation rendered during the long illness and after the death of their father.
– James Kinney has leased the JoHantgen blacksmith shop and announces himself ready to attend to anything in the smithy line. “Old Jim,” as he is familiarly called, has a host of friends and will get a liberal share of what is going.
– The open season for hunting elk, deer and antelope began August 1 and will continue until November 1. The game law provides that only one animal of the above names species may be killed at a time by any one person; and that no part of the carcass is to be wasted. Buffalo, mountain sheep and beaver are not to be killed at any time.

The Meeker Herald
100 years ago

– Many a good story is kept out of the paper because the editor cannot see where any good could result from publishing it, while to do so would injure the reputation of some innocent party. So, when you happen to know something about somebody and wonder why the paper didn’t print it, remember this—and don’t be too insistent or critical. Besides, maybe the editor knows something about you!
– Every line in a newspaper costs the proprietor something. If it is for the benefit of the individual it ought to be paid for. If the grocer were asked to contribute groceries to one abundantly able to pay for them, he would refuse. The proprietor of a newspaper must pay for the free advertising if the beneficiary does not, and yet it is one of the hardest things to be learned by many, that a newspaper has space in its columns to rent and must rent them to live. To give away rent for anything less than living rates is fatal to as newspaper as for a landlord to furnish rent free.
– Last Saturday’s torrents of rain sent a flood down Lion’s Canyon which overflowed and sent a flood of water over the road bed of the Meeker-Rifle bridge. A number of autos were held up on the south side for a time on account of the flood.

Rangely Times
50 years ago

– County crews started work this week laying a new mat of blacktop on the main runway of the Rangely Airport and will also cover the new approach ways and cross runway. As soon as completed, they will then move into Rangely to resurface a number of streets and roads.
– Some people are like blisters. They don’t show up until the work is done.
– Drive-in banking was invented so cars can go in and see their real owners.

Rangely Times
25 years ago

– Challenger Kim Cook beat incumbent David Smith for the Republican County Commissioner’s race 924-657. In the Republican race for sheriff Phil Stubblefield edged out Pete Larson 651-646.