Days Gone By: Dec. 30, 2009 edition

From the archives of The Meeker Herald and Rangely Times

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago

* Because of the prevalence of sore throats and colds in Meeker during the past two or three weeks caused by Beta hemolytic streptococcus, the Meeker schools will assist in the detection of this ailment beginning Jan. 4.
* Mr. Harry Jordan was named Safe Driver of the Week.
* Coach Paul Starbuck’s wrestling crew takes to the mats again next week with two dual meets scheduled.
* New Year’s Eve dance at the Stage Coach Inn. Lynn Lee Duo with Carolyn at Organ-Piano.

The Meeker Herald — 20 years ago

* Headline: Tragedies, Troubles, and Tough Times Plentiful for Meekerites in 1989.
* To battle a $261,000 budget deficit, the Meeker RE-1 school board closed the Rock School, implemented a four-day week, and other cuts.
n The winter of ’89 will long be remembered for its bone-chilling temperatures and deep snows.

The Rangely Times — 50 years ago

* Tomorrow you’re going to start losing a bigger chunk of your paycheck than you’ve ever lost before. We say lost, but the government calls it Social Security.
* Of the many legends and traditions which have grown around the significance of the New Year, the one that is perhaps most popular suggests that whatever you do the first day of the year will be an indication of what will happen in the months to follow.
* The “Power of Released Faith” is the title of the film being shown at the Assemblies of God church. In this film, the famous evangelist, Reverend Oral Roberts, presents the message and demonstrates the solution for every problem of life.
* It was a long custom to place the Bible upon a table and open it at random, placing one finger upon the printed page. The entire chapter was then read carefully, with the belief that the message it carried described in some way the happiness or misery in store for the person adhering to the practice.

The Rangely Times — 20 years ago

* Headline: More Dealers and Drugs Confiscated.
* The freshman boys took first place in the Meeker tourney. Jeff Matrisciano led all scorers with 18, followed by Donavon Martinez with 16.