Days Gone By: February 9, 2017

The Meeker Herald
— 100 years ago

– The average man’s ideas do not exist beyond his own opinion.
– The question of acquiring a camping ground within the town limits, on the river bank, was under discussion at the last meeting of the town council. We believe this is a good idea.
– We predict that the Rebekah Masquerade will be the only affair of its kind this winter worth seeing. Friday evening, Feb. 16. Admission 50 cents per person.
– While the severance of diplomatic relations with Germany may not lead to war, the county is being put on a war basis as fast as possible.
– Buford Briefs: Bad roads—high winds the cause. The first monster ice gorge on South Fork swept out two private bridges. About 16 degrees below this week. One thermometer in the neighborhood registered twenty odd, but it was southern instrument and not acclimated yet.—Silver Gray

The Meeker Herald
— 50 years ago

– Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gutierrez, parents of three boys, announce the birth of their first daughter, Priscilla Marie, born Friday, Feb. 3 at Pioneers Hospital. Little Priscilla Marie weighed in at 7 lbs. and 14-1/4 oz.
– Four Meeker men who drove to Craig for a weekend of National Guard duty were Bob Armstrong, Lloyd Hatcher, Wayne Joslin and a new member, Byron Conrado, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bud Conrado.
– Nancy and Kay Brennan will take a carload of boys to Denver for the wrestling tournament.
– Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grady of Lakewood were getting acquainted with their granddaughter over the past weekend. They were house guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Grady and daughter Katie Ann.

The Meeker Herald
— 25 years ago

– The Meeker Sportsman’s Club will be holding their annual White River Rendezvous Blanket Shoot this Saturday. Prizes will be given to the top shooters in the men, women and youth divisions along with a prize for the best costume depicting the 1800s fur trade era.
– Topping the news last week was the announcement that the First National Bank of the Rockies had offered the Sheepdog board a check in the amount of $5,000 for this year’s event.
– Meeker’s Second Time Around store is under new ownership, effective last week. Dana Griffin and her sister-in-law, Ann McIlhenny of New Castle, recently purchased the business from Lou Bradley.
– The commissioners found themselves paying $10,000 to Jon Hill and the Cripple Creek Cowboy Outfit Inc. for surface damages that will be caused at a new 10-acre gravel pit they plan to open up and work.

Rangely Times
— 50 years ago

– The most important contributor to Rangely’s economy is the oil industry and 1967 plans by Chevron Oil Co. for the field will help assure that it will dominate the economy for years to come. Production in the Rangely field from the Weber unit is around 45,000 barrels of oil daily, up several thousand barrels from a year ago.
– The Ski-Doo (fun for all) kicked off Friday when a group assembled at 9 a.m. to start on a Ski-Doo Safari. Destination was the Hefley Brothers summer cabin up on Spring Creek. The group consisted of the following people: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Scott, Mrs. and Mrs. Shil Kump, Mr. and Mrs. Don Rooks, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Reeves, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Seebaum, Mr. and Mrs. Doug Brady, Mr. and Mrs. L.T. Shaw, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Peacock, Mr. and Mrs. George Hefley, Mr. and Mrs. Joe McPhail, Terril Coy, Bud Tomlinson, Pete Shaw and Dave Cattoor.
– On Jan. 27 Hershel Pilcher of Rangely was presented with a commendation for safe driving and will compete for the Highway Safety Award. Colorado State Patrolman James J. Johnson issued Mr. Pilcher a “congratulations” card following an occasion on which the driver was operating vehicle in an exceptionally careful, defensive manner.
– Dick Sharpe of Rangely was elected president of the Rio Blanco County Rural Area Development at the meeting held here Jan. 25.
– Moon Lake Electric representative Ira Cramer presented Julius Poole with first prize for winning their Christmas lighting contest in December.

Rangely Times
— 25 years ago

– …Dinosaur is changing. It is declining rapidly. Our children face the certainty of leaving after graduation if they want to find a job. If we don’t find solutions to our declining tax revenues, we cannot continue to provide utility, maintenance, administrative and law enforcement services. Our only solution becomes higher taxes—and that would only be a partial solution. In conclusion, I hope you will support the gambling initiative. I truly believe it may be our only hope of survival. —Dennis Sims, Dinosaur Mayor
– On Feb. 23 the Rangely Arts Council will present local pianist Robert Haag in recital.
– Mardi Gras Dance Saturday, Feb. 29 at Massadona Tavern. Music by Kimberly Staly.
– What’s black and white and fun all over? You guessed it—the upcoming Black and White Box Supper Bonanza sponsored by the Rangely Area Chamber of Commerce. The name of the game is to bring a box supper, or yourself if you’re just lookin’ to bid on a box supper, and we’ll have an auction where partial proceeds will go to the local Spina Bifida Foundation via the United Way.