Days Gone By: May 2, 2019

The Meeker Herald

125 years ago

L.B Walbridge was appointed conservator of the estate of Robert McKee by the county court on Monday last. Nothing has as yet been hear from the asylum regarding Bob’s conditions

Rube Oldland and Hank Leonard were up from Piceance Wednesday attending to some business matters and, incidentally, seeing the elephant.

The Meeker Herald

100 years ago

As The Herald intimated a few weeks ago, much interest is being taken in school matters this year. In Meeker there are two directors to be elected-a secretary to serve for three years, and a president of the board, to serve for one year, in succession to George E. Aicher, who has resigned.

“I suppose it is the ambition of every girl to marry a millionaire.” “Many have hopes.” “And many of those hopes must be blasted. However, there seems to be enough lieutenants for all.” –Louisville Courier-Journal

R.C. Horn, who boosts the White River oil field, came in Monday, after a lengthy absence. Mr. Horn was accompanied by Lucius A. Dick of Akron, Ohio. Mr. Dick is the son of former U.S. Senator Dick of Ohio, and is one of the biggest and most successful oil operators in the East. While we have no definite knowledge of the fact, it is our opinion that Mr. Dick will be heavily interested in the White River field before long. All the field needs is development.

The Meeker Herald

50 years ago

-Rio Blanco County Sheriff Robert Kracht has announced that there will be a two day Law Enforcement Training School hosted here in Meeker Wednesday and Thursday of this week. Law officers from the western slope will be in attendance.

-Mrs. Dorothy Kehrberger reports a letter just received from her daughter, Mrs. Paul Wegener, containing the news that she has safely arrived in Japan where she has joined her husband Paul, who is in the Navy. Roberta says she is enjoying her Japanese neighbors and house. There is a big shopping center near her house. One of her first purchases was a cloth carrying bag, so she can carry Lisa on her back, as the Japanese women do. Roberta finds this convenient and comfortable for Lisa and for her, and wonders why everyone doesn’t try it. Roberta attended Japanese language classes in San Diego while she was waiting to go.

-The latest figures on the cost of parenthood, from the Department of Agriculture and others, show that income is the determining factor, in most cases, in how much is spent by an individual family in bringing up its children. Where net income is between $8,000 and $10,000 per family as is the average in Rio Blanco County, the outlay per child is approximately $33,600 to age 18.

-Colorado elk hunters harvested a record number of elk during the 1968 big game season. Deer hunters also scored big with the best harvest since 1965. Elk hunters took 15,088 animals the highest harvest figure ever recorded by the Colorado Game, Fish and Parks Division.

The Meeker Herald

25 years ago

Meeker attorney Frank Cooley was honored at the Republican County General Assembly last Saturday night after serving for 20 years as the party’s committee man for Precinct  No. 4. Frank received a big round of applause for his years of dedication to the party, as well as an attractive plaque. Joe Holeyfield will be taking Franks place; that is, after Frank returns from the State Convention.

Lee Facklam, son of Jon and Gayle Facklam of Meeker, graduated from Marine Basic Training on April 15th with the distinct honor of being the Company High Shooter on the qualifying marksmanship course.

– With the High School when first constructed in 1929, then became a junior high when the new high school was built in 1955, was converted to an intermediate school when Barone Junior High School opened in 1977, and has now been vacant since the 1985-1986 school year. If bids for its remodeling come in as hoped for, the structure will enter a new phase of its existence in January of 1995, as plans call for its two story interior to be converted into District Administration offices on its upper level and kindergarten and preschool classrooms on its lower level. 

The Barone Middle School band was among the elite groups to receive 1’s at last Thursday’s Large Group Music Festival held here in Meeker. The Meeker High School Band and Choir also did well at the gathering of musicians, in which Meeker students competed with over 1,000 others from around the region. Both the MHS choir and band also received 1’s.

Rangely Times

50 years ago

Thoughtless riders are causing irreparable damage to the baseball diamonds and park, it was reported to the Rangely police this week. Bicycle riders and those on horseback are using the park and diamonds as a playground with resultant damage to the turf and playing surface, which are being irrigated right now.

Rio Blanco County Commissioners last week approved a bid of $9,381.41 from Green & Green Construction Co. of Grand Junction of a steel prefabricated addition to the hanger building at the Rangely Airport. The new addition as well as the present hangar, will be leased to Rangely College on a year-to-year basis. The College will make use of the space for classrooms, storage and repair facilities but hangar space is available to the public as well.

-Mr. and Mrs. Teddy Franklin have bought the shoe repair shop from Mr. Guy Gerry on Main Street and are doing a bang-up paint and repair job on the building and plan to also do a fill in and landscape job on the yard. The Franklins plan to be open in the evenings for business the present and definite hours will be announced later.

Rangely Times

25 years ago

The CNCC Aviation Department recently invited the Re-4 Kindergarten classes to see what it would be like to be a pilot. The children toured the airport, sat in the cockpit, visited the hangers, sat in the simulators and watched the planes take off and land on the runway. Boys and girls alike left with great dreams of being future pilots.

Dinosaur Elementary school celebrated outstanding accomplishments this month with a day of specially planned activities. The children read 56,000 pages in February and March. For each page read the children earned a ticket to a carnival. Many parents helped make this festival the best yet.

It was a learning situation and meant to be in more ways than one. The purpose was not only to show what a trial is like but also to show the problems and consequences of drinking and driving. The participants were members of the high school government class of Mark Jansen and students of the Criminal Justice Program at CNCC. Some of the government class were jurors. The college students provided the prosecuting and defense attorneys and the alleged perpetrator. Judge Noble of Rangely Municipal Court presided. Police Chief Jerry Reese gave some opening remarks.

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