Days Gone By: November 29, 2018

The Meeker Herald

100 years ago

– On account of the mayor having the “Flu” the town board failed to meet in regular session. The board met on Nov. 25 being called together by the mayor for the purpose of taking action in the matter of the influenza epidemic, which has broken out again. Dr. Charles H. Farthing resigned as city health officer. The resignation was accepted. H.H. Joy was duly elected to fill the vacancy, and salary for first month placed at $75.

– Undertaker Gourley ran out of coffins this week and resort to the old time method of making them at home was had.

– The “Flu” order which went into effect Thursday, should have been put into effect a month ago.

– Since last report the scourge has taken four more victims: Arthur Wells, 22; William Wells, 35; Mrs. Bessie Valentine, 29; George Head, 29.

– All men may be born free and equal. But most of them forget it when they happen to make a little money.

The Meeker Herald

50 years ago

– Colorado’s buffalo herd is on the increase with the addition of 10 animals from the Wichita Refuge, Cache, Okla. Ten of the shaggy beasts, seven cows and three bulls, arrived at the Little Hills Experiment Station on Piceance Creek last Saturday.

– A registration period for destructive devices and gangster-type weapons as required by the new Federal gun law will continue thru Dec. 1. The Gun Control Act of 1969 does not place any unnecessary restrictions on the purchase or ownership of firearms used for hunting, target shooting or other lawful purposes.

The Meeker Herald

25 years ago

– For the owners of the Two Rivers Guest Ranch, it was a dream turned into a nightmare when an early morning blaze leveled their lodge, which hosed the dining area and kitchen. The guest ranch, located at the confluence of Marvine Creek and the White River, was totally destroyed by the fire.

– Ten youths ranging in ages 16 to 24 escaped serious injury when the pickup truck they were riding in rolled on Market Street last Saturday, ejecting eight of its passengers. The vehicle rolled over and off the right side of the highway into the barrow pit near the Meeker Airport.

Rangely Times

50 years ago

– Six local business places on Main Street were broken into sometimes Thursday night. Robbed were Bestway Store, Continental Emsco, Don Rooks Frontier, OK Rubber Welders and Strain Drug. The big window at the Anchor Club was broken but the building was not entered.

– Owner B.F. Yaeger said today that the Yaeger Lumber and Hardware Co. would open its doors for business Monday, Dec. 16, with a formal grand opening set for sometime in January.

– This is the darnedest depression we’ve ever seen. Everybody’s working and everybody’s broke. At least we didn’t have to work in the last one.

Rangely Times

25 years ago

– Moon Lake Electric Association Board President Ronald Peatross announced today that Moon Lake Electric consumers will soon receive a credit on their December bill for electricity used during the first 11 months of 1993.

– Beginning Feb. 27, 1994, northern and western Colorado customers will need to add 303 before the seven-digit telephone number for all long-distance calls to locations with the 303 area code.

– All-state choir members: Rayna Rhodes, Kenny Timbrel and Janel Winterholter.

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