Days Gone By: October 3, 2019

The Meeker Herald

100 years ago

That golden tint which makes the landscape look beautiful is very much in evidence these days.

Canada has a law that disenfranchises a slacker for 15 years and prohibits them from holding office. They go on the theory that a man who won’t fight for his country shouldn’t have a country.

The Meeker Herald

50 years ago

The Meeker School administration this week urges all parents to have their child attend school each day, but especially in the first 15 school days commencing Sept. 29 thru Oct. 17.

Mr. and Mrs. Lowell Klinglesmith’s son, Lenny Gregg, arrived at 1:05 p.m.

The total assessed valuation for Rio Blanco County, as compiled by County Assessor Dale Frisby, dropped $2.5 million for the year 1969. The drop in oil production in all three districts was cited as the reason for the marked decrease in valuation.

There are too many churches praying for souls to be added to them and providing only cold storage houses for them.

The Meeker Herald

25 years ago

Tax abatement granted to Deseret power company despite objection.

Meeker artist Pat Daggett was featured at Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery in Kansas

Those passing near the intersection of Fifth and Market streets have probably noticed what should be an attractive addition to the facilities of First National Bank of the Rockies. Don Extencamper has been laying brick on a project which will include a time and temperature sign and also serve to reroute traffic off of Market Street to the drive-up windows of the bank. This is reportedly just the first phase of other planned improvements, so stay tuned. Who knows, Meeker may have its first ATM machine sometime soon.

Cowboy football wins against the Cedaredge Bruins, 37-19.

Cowboy volleyball won against both Soroco and Rifle.

The telecommunications industry in Colorado today announced the assignment of a new area code to be placed in service within northern and western Colorado in 1995. Beginning April 2, northern and western Colorado communities currently served with the 303 area code will change to the 970 area code.

Rangely Times

50 years ago

One of the most interesting persons in the world is the average man. He is usually 39 around the chest, 40 around the waist, 96 around the golf course, 132 around the bowling alley, seldom around when needed and nuisance around the house.

Rangely Times

25 years ago

This past week the old Chevron Rec Hall was moved from its old location to its new spot. The moving took several hours and necessitated the moving of the stoplights at Main and White out of the way to enable the building to pass through.

Two new businesses in town: Red Beard’s Carpet, Old Style Trading Co.

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