Deer put down after dog attack

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MEEKER | Residents are reminded to keep their dogs under control following a dog attack in the 900 block of Wall Street on a mule deer buck in Meeker earlier this week. The dog got loose and attacked the deer, which sustained injuries that required Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers to put the deer down.

It’s believed the deer was unwell, which contributed to the dog being able to get to it.

CPW Area Wildlife Manager Bill deVergie said the dog’s owners are expected to be ticketed with “dog harassing wildlife” charges.

“I don’t think it’s a vicious dog. It was a bad situation at a bad time,” deVergie said.

With more deer in town, dog owners are encouraged to leash their pets and do what’s necessary to keep their animals inside or in a fenced yard.

Knowingly or unknowingly allowing a dog to harass wildlife is a misdemeanor offense. Conviction is punishable by a fine of $200.\

By Niki Turner |