DI teams qualify four teams for state

MEEKER I Meeker was well represented at the Western Slope Regional Destination Imagination Tournament Saturday in Palisade, Colo. Seven teams ranging from first through seventh grades participated in the different challenges.
The Rising Stars team, Super Silly Jelly Beans, presented their performance about the most perfect toy and then wowed the judges with their solution to their instant challenge.  The 4 Roses and 3 Handsome Weeds placed first in the technical challenge, Assembly Required, which involved making different products and filling orders. In the Solar Stage challenge, Sun Monkeys in Flannel created a solar energy prototype and presented a skit about uses of solar energy. They placed third with their solution. The 7 Blue Lagoon Fingers placed third in the Coming Attractions challenge with their movie trailer about a plane crash. In the improvisational challenge, News to Me, the Miss Piggys placed sixth.  In the final challenge, Hold It, teams were required to build structures that held weight and golf balls. The 6 Hard Hats and Their Toolbox placed first and Snack Attacks placed second. In addition, the Snack Attacks received a Da Vinci Award for the creativity of their skit, and The 6 Hard Hats and Their Toolbox received a Renaissance Award for the engineering of their rocket prop.
In April, the 4 Roses and 3 Handsome Weeds, the 7 Blue Lagoon Fingers, the 6 Hard Hats and Their Toolbox, and the Snack Attacks will travel to Denver to participate in the Destination Imagination state tournament.  We wish them the best of luck and congratulate all of the teams for their outstanding performances.