Donations help make new sign a reality

MEEKER — The new sign on the cemetery road was built by Gerald Oldland, with a lot of help from his cousin, Coe Uphoff.
Oldland also had lots of encouragement from Art Cox.
Oldland built it in Coe’s shop on Piceance Creek where they had a lot of room. The sign is 24 feet wide and 16 feet high. All of the labor and materials were donated with the exception of the powder coating.
The steel for the sign was donated by Larry Talkington of Craig Steel. The pipes for the sign were donated by Jim Taylor. Joe Conrado donated the cement for the uprights. White River Electric Association set the pipes in cement and set the sign. The sign and pipes had to be taken to Delta for powder coating as this was the closest place with the facilities to handle such a big job.
This is a beautiful addition to our cemetery. Oldland’s next project will be a new gate for the cemetery.