Editor’s Column: Kudos for some, shame on others

Our first visit to the Rangely Chamber’s annual Crab Crack last weekend was quite enjoyable.

Niki Turner
Congratulations to the winners of the awards, and kudos to chamber director Konnie Billgren and her staff of volunteers for a job well done.

We wanted to make sure everyone is aware that Ethel Starbuck’s 100th birthday is Aug. 31, 2017. She’s in her 100th trip around the sun now, but won’t officially be a centenarian until August. Mark your calendars to send her a card!

Having an office window that overlooks Meeker’s blinking red stop light has been quite enlightening. You’d be amazed by the number of people who are still texting and driving. I know it’s hard, but please put away your phones when you are behind the wheel. It’s not worth the possible consequences.

Congratulations to Parkview Elementary School spelling bee winner Joaquin Landron de Guevara, and good luck at the state spelling bee. I had the privilege of competing at the state level as a seventh grader and it was a lot of fun. Also, Joaquin, if you’re ever looking for a job as a proofreader…

Just a quick update for our Rangely readers and advertisers: In an effort to better serve the Rangely community, we have hired two new staff members. Jen Hill has written for the Herald Times in the past, but she’s now an official reporter. And for our advertisers, we’ve hired Julie Noyes as a local Rangely account representative. We’ve also made some changes to our distribution system that should get the papers out to Rangely racks and businesses quite a bit earlier each week.

And good luck to the Cowboy wrestlers this weekend at the state championships in Denver!