Election Year 2012 — a year of date changes

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RBC I Voters will need to be “stepping up” to keep up with the many 2012 election deadlines that were changed by Senate Bill 2011-189. This law was passed in response to a federal law which requires states to mail ballots 45 days prior to an election to overseas and military voters. In order to allow time for the recounts and challenges possible after a primary election, the primary was moved to early summer, a move which created a domino effect on the election calendar. Although the date of the general election, Tuesday, Nov. 6, is unchanged, the following “old standard” dates are moved up by several weeks:
n Feb. 7 (Tuesday) – Republican Caucuses
n March 6 (Tuesday) – Democratic Caucuses
n June 26 (Tuesday) – Primary Election
The deadlines associated with the above dates, such as the date for the county assemblies, registration/affiliation cut-off dates, petition filing deadlines, and mail ballot request deadlines are earlier on the calendar as well. The difference in the caucus dates is due to the state Republican Party choosing an option in election law which allows parties to hold caucuses earlier in a presidential election year. The state Democratic Party chose to remain at the standard caucus date.
The Rio Blanco County Commissioners will again consider holding the upcoming June primary by mail ballot. The 2010 primary was held by mail ballot, saving approximately 50+ percent in election costs and significantly increasing voter turn-out. One thousand four hundred fifty-seven Rio Blanco County voters have chosen to permanently receive their ballots by mail, 50+ percent of the total active voters. This is 558 more than the total voter turn-out in the 2008 primary (899). The 2010 primary had a turn-out of 1,802. So, the polling booth for the June 26 primary election may well again be your own mailbox.
County Commissioner Districts 2 and 3 will be the county offices on the ballot this year. Federal and state offices on the ballot include: U.S. President, U.S. Congressional District 3 Representative, University of Colorado Regents At-large and Congressional Dist. 3, Senate District 8, State House District 57 Representative and District Attorney-9th Judicial District. Several judicial vacancy questions will also be on the ballot.
The best way to be prepared for the upcoming elections is to take a moment to review your voter information.
You may check your current party affiliation and address information by accessing www.govotecolorado.com or by calling the county clerk’s office at 970-878-9460. Change forms are available on the county clerk’s election page on the county website: www.co.rio-blanco. co.us. You may also call the clerk’s office to have a change form mailed to you.