Energy companies donate to conservation districts

RBC | In one of the largest philanthropic gestures in Rio Blanco County during the past few years, oil and gas companies contributed $338,000 to the White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts for the purposes of reinforcing their commitment to community partnerships.

Even though economic times have been difficult for rural western Colorado communities, and for the businesses operating in those areas, the oil and gas industry has remained true to their respective companies’ philosophy of community support. Instead of requesting tax abatements, which were rightfully theirs, the companies graciously committed to supporting conservation and the wise use of natural resources through the Conservation Districts.

“White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts take the initiative to reach out to the natural gas industry to listen and find approaches to conserving the abundant natural resources we have here in Western Colorado,” stated Eric Carlson, Executive Director, West Slope Colorado Oil and Gas Association.” Our industry works with the communities in Western Colorado to conserve these resources for future generations, making Colorado a great place to live and work,” continued Carlson.

“The Districts greatly appreciate and thank the industry for their support of natural resource conservation and our communities,” stated Margie Joy, White River Conservation District President. “The industry’s support allowed the Conservation Districts to remain in a position to lead the on-going study investigating the cause of excessive algae bloom in the White River and the upcoming process to develop an integrated water management plan for the White River,” continued Joy.

The White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts advocate for multiple uses of public lands and promote the wise use of natural resources with a priority placed on rangeland health, wildlife, water quality and quantity through implementation of the Land and Natural Resources Plan and Policy for Rio Blanco County.

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