Fish Buddies planning Utah trip

Members of the Fish Buddies Caleb Urie, Evan Urie and Anthony Martin recently took a fishing trip to Rio Blanco Lake

RANGELY I The 4-H Sport-fishing club, The Fish Buddies, started meeting in May and the members have been extremely busy since.
During the May meeting, members C.J. Lucero, Anthony Martin, Landon Rowley, Caleb and Evan Urie named their club the Fish Buddies. Anthony was voted in as the club president, C.J. as the vice president, and Landon as the secretary. The members decided that they would have a club meeting the first Thursday of every month and attempt to go fishing on most Wednesday and Saturdays. The Fish Buddies enjoyed a presentation from the Division Of Wildlife Officer Terry Wygant during their June meeting. They learned about aging fish with their scales, native and non-native species and Colorado fishing regulations. The Fish Buddies held their July meeting at Kenney Reservoir and played a fish identification game. To their surprise they knew many more species than they thought.
The members have been involved with a lot of fundraisers, including the 4-H Community Carnival, selling fireworks, and selling Beanie Babies at LeBleu Sky Upscale Resale to raise money for their planned fishing trip to Flaming Gorge, Utah, and their tour of the Rifle fish hatchery. They have enjoyed fishing at the Rangely Pond and Rio Blanco Lake this summer as well. The Fish Buddies and their leader Roxie Leischer would like to thank Officer Wygant for his time, their parents for the help, Guynuth Urie at LeBleu Sky, Calvin Leischer for the use of the boat, and Jeani Lucero for all of her help starting the club and for her support of 4-H over the past several years. New members are always welcome to join. Contact the CSU Cooperative Extension office.

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