Homegrown Entrepreneurs: Kyle Stewart

Kyle Stewart- Metal Artist and Welder, Stewart Welding JEN HILL PHOTO

Kyle Stewart—Metal Artist and Welder,
Stewart Welding

RANGELY | Kyle Stewart graduated from Rangely High School in 2007. Growing up around metal (his family has owned a Stewart’s Welding shop for decades) he developed a desire to not just work with metal, but make it art, eventually becoming an award winning metal artist.

Q: What did you do after high school?
A: I started working with metal in shop class in high school. I never really knew what I wanted to do when I graduated, just that I would work for my dad and go from there. I have worked at Stewart’s for more than nine years now and I love working for my dad. I have never really done anything else. I did at one point get fired, which I can honestly say is the best thing that ever happened to me. It taught me a valuable lesson about respecting your job.
Q: Tell me about your art
A: I enjoy turning hard metals into beautiful works of art or craft. Every sculpture or picture that I create is a challenge in some way. I always push the bar to achieve a better quality and beauty. I can say that all of my art has challenged me in some way but nothing has ever been as hard as my first pieces of art. I think that’s because now after years of practicing with metal and learning different techniques and styles things come a little easier to me, but when I first started I didn’t have the knowledge or practice. My father always compliments me on the work that I do, not only the fabrication that our shop specializes in, but the sculptures and pictures I do on the side.
Q: What’s your vision for economic development, i.e. what do you think the county needs to bring young people in?
A: We need to stop just relying on oil and gas to get us by and start bringing in new jobs to our little town. Not everyone is going to look forward to working the oil field and I’m one of them. I would like to see a more businesses in town to really give kids a reason to stay; like a bowling alley or movie theater. We also have some of the best country with wild horses, Indian paintings, and a rock park. We should be coming together as a community and promoting these things saying, “Hey, come and hang out we’re weird and fun.” Maybe then kids would have a reason to stay and not look for something better elsewhere.