June 5, 2008: Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,
Many people have trusted the integrity of the energy corporations, building their lives around the guarantee there would be always be a steady income because of the promise economy had with what seemed an endless amount of fossil fuels in Northwest Colorado/Eastern Utah.
These global corporations continue to sell the public on the promises about all the benefits that will continue to happen as long as they could get the unregulated access to our public lands. These corporations will do whatever it takes to convince the public that their businesses are responsible when it comes to critical moral and ethical decision-making even though nothing could be further from the truth. When the iron fist of free market capitalism comes to plunder the pristine environment we live in and our democracy is held captive for some valuable minerals deep within the earth.
Easily convinced by the aggressive public relation campaigns they are able to brainwash us into believing that they have our best interests in mind. The energy barons have gained unspoken domain over the shining mountains and the territory connecting to it. Our ecological systems cannot support this destructive patterns industry creates when it capitalizes by exploiting the environment.
A premonition of what is to come surfaces itself in the social atmosphere that resonates deep within the shadows of the American empire. Hiding itself behind a lost parallel of truths, a long complicated story conceived from the restless ghosts of our past continues to haunt us from the darker side of our human nature. Self destructive in everything that has been accomplished for motives based solely on the private interests of few at the expense of the many working class people who left their footprints behind trying to survive the turbulent order of supply and demand.
Some say it’s the Illuminati! Whatever it might be there is something peculiar about the scenario unfolding around here in front of us daily while the problems continue to worsen. A complete media blackout whenever there are any criticisms about the sloppy management over our public lands and resources. Always some small payoffs and a lot of over sensationalized propaganda gets printed and sold to pretend that industry cares.
The corporations that are fooling us have the worst track records when it comes to concerns over the environment and our communities. Shrouded behind dark mystery and under the hidden agendas of these global corporations people are forced to conform or structure themselves for bureaucratic convenience.
Instead of using mark to mark accounting, these power brokers use what is called “Hypothetical Future Value” to establish their markets. The energy industry is real clever when it comes to giving us an image of what there plans are because they center there agenda on something much bigger than the average individual can see and it is so difficult to understand the motives. So keep your eyes open because these capitalist will destroy our environment while they make it look like they are trying to protect it. We need solutions not more problems, so stop these thieves from destroying our heritage. “An individual has not started living until he can rise above the narrow confines of his individualistic concerns to the broader concerns of all humanity,” Martin Luther King Jr.
Kevin Amy

Dear Editor,
I want to take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of you that sent flowers and cards or stopped by or called. I also would like to thank Pioneers Medical Center and its staff. It is so appreciated.
Sharon Clapper