Letter: A correction on an obituary and thanks for Days Gone By

Dear Editor:
Two obituary corrections: …with two dots over the “a” Känionette told us is how her name is spelled.
Känionette and I graduated from Denver South High School in 1956. Cherry Creek High School did not open until the following school year.
P.S.: Bobby (Gutierrez) said how much I appreciate your bringing back “Rio Blanco County Days Gone By” should be told to you directly. Thank you. I’ve been reading that ever since it was “40 Years Ago,” and I was a grade school child. For those of us who love history, it’s slices of life from back then, not to mention that most of the names are familiar, not to mention that many are of people I knew (or know) personally.

John R. Isaac
Littleton, Colo.

Editor’s Note: Thank you, John, for your kind words and your correction on the obituary. I’m so glad you are enjoying “Days Gone By.” It’s one of my favorite things to