Letter: Armstrong family says thanks for donations

This is an open letter of thanks to everyone in Rangely and Meeker who have been so thoughtful and caring since the car accident Shayne and Bo were involved in. Since the accident in June, we have seen the true beauty of living in a small town. People we know, and people we don’t know, have come to our aid in small and large ways. On July 20, George and Jackie Fortunato, Father Jim of St. Ignatius Catholic Church, and many others put on a spaghetti dinner fundraiser. We have no insurance and Shayne has lost his job since the accident. Over 150 community members attended and donations came in from Meeker also. We felt truly blessed to be cared about by so many. A simple thank you seems so inadequate, but it is the best we can do. Know that all that has been done for our family is greatly appreciated and will never be forgotten.
The Armstrong family