Letter: Congressman’s office doesn’t respond

When Congressman John Salazar first sought office, he impressed many of us as being a good moderate. Even though I am not a Democrat, I not only voted for him, but convinced others to do so as well. I have since changed my mind.
Not only has he voted for legislation such as the Obama care package that has more pork than health in it, the staff he employs in Washington D.C., has consistently made it clear to me they don’t want to take my phone calls. I want to make it clear that when I have called any of his offices here in Colorado to voice a concern over legislation, I have been treated very courteously. That is not the case when I call the D.C. office.
One of things I have figured out when I call is that I need to ask what I said so my thoughts are conveyed accurately. Today when I called to tell them that any bill that has to have back-room and midnight deals is not an honest piece of legislation, the gal had only written down that I didn’t like the health care bill. When I tried to press her on it and get her to think (apparently that was the crime — she didn’t want to think) by asking how she would feel if their party was the minority party and the other party was treating them in the manner the Democrats are currently treating the Republicans, she said she couldn’t comment on that. I pushed a little by asking, “Would you like to be treated that way?” and she promptly hung up. How unprofessional! And this is the staff that John Salazar has?
We need a responsible representative who will only staff the office with courteous, responsible people.
Leona Hemmerich