Letter: Good kids in Rangely

Dear Editor:
Did you hear the latest and “greatest” in Rangely? Three young teenage boys did what? At prom? They did what? You mean this is a positive—and it will make you feel “good?”
Yep! There truly are angels among us. Upon finding out while decorating for the “big dance” (prom), that one certain senior girl did not have a date to this most important event, three young “gentlemen” took it seriously! They talked it over, made a few plans and went to Kum & Go and bought some Kit Kat candy bars. Then after getting permission and approval from each of “their” dates, the three went together to the girl’s house and with one of her favorite candy bars asked her if she would like to go to prom with them and be escorted in the grand march. Confused, surprised and emotionally touched, she gladly accepted. So… how did this all go down? The next night which was prom, the grand march commenced. One at a time the couples came out into the spotlight and were introduced on the loud speaker. After each of these young men escorted their dates to their destination they turned back around and went back to the start. And when it was said girl’s turn to be recognized, here they came—one beautiful, elated girl and three handsome, honorable men. I’m sorry—I get teary-eyed and emotional just writing about it!
Isn’t this what we are on this earth to do? To serve and love one another. I was impressed. I was touched. I’d like to thank the dates to these three young men for being good sports and seeing the bigger picture. I’d like to thank this brave young woman for saying “yes” and allowing something that some might see as potentially embarrassing or uncomfortable, and allowing three very courteous men to do something honorable and respectful and “out of the norm.” I’d like to thank the parents and grandparents of these seven young people for raising and teaching and instilling into their children “correct principles.” In today’s wicked world we need as much of this stuff as we can get. And finally, I’d like to say “well done” to these three fellows. What kind of message do you think this will send to the next group of mixed-up-minded youngsters? I challenge any and everyone to do a good deed like these gentlemen did. I often wonder what kind of a world we would be a part of if this act of love and kindness was “payed forward?” I know it makes me want to be a better person. You know, when I grow up, I want to be like Kobe Broome, Austin Ficken, and Patrick Scoggins! I love you guys!
“Nobody knows what a boy is worth,
We’ll have to wait and see.
But every man in a noble place,
A boy once used to be.”
Shane Brady
A little outside of normal!
A great place to live!