Letter: Government should be honest and simple

The Questions of “If”
If Senator Udall can sell health care in two pages on his Web site,
It must be simple and straightforward!
If Senator Bennett can sell health care in two e-mail pages,
It must be honest, simple and straightforward!
If Congressman Salazar takes two weeks to e-mail his two-page sales pitch,
It must be transparent, honest, simple and straightforward!
If it is so transparent, honest, simple and straightforward,
Why did it take more than two thousand pages and so many special deals to make it law?
If it really is all of these things mentioned above,
Why do they have to sell the short version after they voted the long version into law?
Maybe they only read part of it.
Maybe they know they cannot sell the rest of it.
Maybe we need folks in office that will only vote for bills that are transparent, honest, simple, straightforward and free of “special deals.”
Maybe we all need to vote for change this November!
Walt Proctor