Letter: Hoops for Science a success for Pioneers Healthcare Foundation

Dear Editor:
Pioneers Healthcare Foundation would like to thank everyone that made the Hoops for Science events so successful. A total of $1800.00 was raised for the Meeker High School Science programs. We would like to thank Pioneers Healthcare Foundation, Pioneers Medical Center and the Meeker Education Foundation, and especially Sam and Mike Lopez for donating to the program.
The concept was that for every free throw made during the varsity games the science programs would earn $50. The Lopez’s matched that gift making free throws worth $100. We appreciate Mike and Sam’s generosity.
Additionally, we would like to thank Mrs. Selle and all of her science students for hosting the science fair during Saturday’s games. There is a direct correlation between good science students and great healthcare workers. Thank you Mrs. Selle, for creating scientists and maybe future healthcare workers.
Margie Joy
Pioneers Healthcare Foundation