Letter: HopeWest-Meeker thanks you

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Dear Editor:

A gracious “thank you” to everyone who attended the fourth annual HopeWest-Meeker Halloween Gala this past Saturday, we hope you enjoyed the evening. The event planning and organizing takes place over several months and is coordinated by the HopeWest-Meeker Advisory Board. We are so appreciative of the local volunteer hours, throughout the year, spent keeping the palliative care program visible and in service. Then, we are very thankful for all the hours and good deeds donated to help make this annual fundraising event a success … this keeps us excited and committed to the special work we are doing. A big thank you to our gala decorating committee, each and every volunteer, as well as those who so generously donated auction items. We want to acknowledge the Grand Junction HopeWest team, who worked alongside the Meeker volunteers, non-stop, for four days. We are blessed to have their guidance and support with this event. Most importantly, please know that all the money raised through the HopeWest Gala event, and any donations made locally through the year, goes directly to HopeWest-Meeker and is used specifically to keep our program alive and well.

Blessings and thank you again,

Toby Leavitt

HopeWest-Meeker Advisory Board – Chair