Letter: McCrory for DA

Dear Editor:

Four years ago, I publicly endorsed Sherry Caloia for District Attorney in her successful bid to unseat the intolerable incumbent, Martin Beeson. I’m glad Sherry won and I was relieved alongside many in the district that Mr. Beeson was out of power. In this election, I am very pleased to support the one candidate who holds the experience, judgment and strength to run that office the way it ought to be run and that candidate is my friend and colleague of 20 years: Chip McCrory. There is a rumor circulating in the local criminal bar that the Republican candidate for the office (My friend, Mr. Cheney) will give former DA Martin Beeson a position in that office if he were to win. I know without having to ask him that Chip McCrory would never let such a man into his office. I call on Mr. Cheney to publicly tell the voters of Garfield, Pitkin and Rio Blanco counties if the rumor is true and if he would ever consider putting Mr. Beeson in a position of power in his administration. Given that it was only four short years ago that the voters of the Ninth Judicial District threw Beeson out, I think it’s fair to ask Jeff Cheney that question. Please make sure you vote this election and I hope you’ll consider joining me in voting for Chip McCrory.

Jeff Wertz, Esq.

Aspen, Colo.