Letter: Moyer will stand up to big boys in D.C.

Dear Editor:

In regard to Mr. Hill’s comments on county attorney Kent Borchard and commissioner Woodruff using drones to spy on people to obtain violations to prosecute said violators; both gentlemen being involved in law as long as I have known them, know that the use of any device to obtain evidence illegally is a serious violation of the law, and is subject to serious penalties.

I personally don’t think any of this has happened, but if a drone was used for any purpose by the county it needs to be known for the purpose of said use and explained to the public for said use. We all know that drones are going to be a curse or a blessing depending on the circumstance. This county needs strong leadership as to stand up to the big boys in D.C. and also the Front Range of Colorado. As they have the votes, so they have the power. I don’t know Mr. Hoke or his capabilities to stand up to the big boys, so I feel Gary Moyer is better qualified, as he has gone head to head with some of them while serving on the board of the Conservation District. I don’t write this to offend anyone, but this is my opinion.

Bryce Purkey