Letter: Rep. Salazar voted against reader’s wish

(Letter to Rep. John Salazar)
Thank you for acknowledging my phone call and/or e-mail, which urged you to vote “no” on health-care legislation. Unfortunately, you chose to go contrary to the wishes of the majority of voters in your district.
Your letter points to some good aspects of the law, but you do not have to be smarter than a fifth-grader to figure out that the alleged savings are completely phony. The cost of this law and other “economy saving” legislation will drive our nation into bankruptcy.
Did you make any attempt to control frivolous lawsuits or allow selling of health-care insurance across state lines? We needed adjustments to health-care law, but not the monstrosity you favored. Did you object to the disgusting “under the counter” deals being negotiated behind closed doors in order to win favorable votes? Did you get anything for Colorado out of these deals?
During all of my 85 years, I have never witnessed anything approaching the deceitful actions common to this session of Congress. I will be watching for your future votes on “cap and trade” and illegal immigration, and if you vote as I think you might, I will do all I can to see an end to your service to the taxpayers of the 3rd District.
Dick Prosence