Letter: Teacher says ‘thank you’ for support

I am writing to thank you all for the most positively memorable year I have ever had in my 30-plus years of teaching. The standing ovation I received from you at the awards assembly should have been for yourselves for being the most awesome student body with whom I have had the pleasure of association.
It is also necessary to express my gratitude and appreciation to those students for demonstrating their approval of what we accomplished this year in the way of cards, notes, posters, letters to the editor (from the Crawford family and my eighth-grade students) and the handsome bouquet I received from the Rowland family. I am also much obliged to those students and parents, the Parkers and Smiths, who came forward in an attempt to save my position as a teacher for the “mathematically challenged” students at BMS. I want to assure you that I am not abandoning you. I will be available to substitute, to tutor or to aid in any way I can.
D.W. Cockley