Letter: Thanks for supporting Coloradans Vote

Dear Editor:

Just want to put a big shout out to all the Rangely people who have stepped up to the plate to help with the Coloradans Vote petitions, also the Meeker people as well. We will be continuing on with the petition drive to try to reverse the current Colorado legislature and governor’s decision to change our vote from the Electoral College to the “popular vote.” Folks, we don’t have a vote!

This is a bad decision for rural Colorado, it just states to me that the voters of Rio Blanco County, you, mean nothing to them, nothing! I hope everyone is getting this big picture and it is causing courage to rise up within you. Maybe a disgust for the behavior of our “elected officials” who prove themselves to not give a rip about you, rural Americans/Coloradans. All they want to do is take your freedoms away and control you! I for one will do all I can in my power, with my vote, and with my energies to attempt legally to assist my fellow Coloradans in reversing this travesty done to all Colorado, but especially Rio Blanco County, Colorado voters. We shouldn’t have to move from the state we love because we have outsiders moving in and making decisions for us, let’s show them who rural Colorado is.

I respectfully ask all citizens of Rio Blanco County to register to vote if you haven’t and become a part of standing up for our rights as Coloradans and as Americans. We must open our eyes and take a stand for what is right. Folks, there is more coming and that means we will have more petitions to be signed to continue to battle this junk thrown at us! This is just the beginning! They don’t want rural America alive, do you? It is up to us to change things, so reach out and sign petitions or become a volunteer circulator, carry the petition with you, anywhere you go, as any Colorado registered voter can sign it. It is very easy, just call me.!

See me at 616 E Main St., in Rangely this week from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. and 4-6 p.m., next week 4-7 p.m. each day Monday–Friday. See you soon!

Elaine Urie