Letter to the Editor: 3/50 project needs local support

Dear Editor:
The 3/50 project that Meeker retailers are involved in needs our support if they are to continue serving our community successfully. I moved to Meeker about a year ago and I have experienced super service at many locally owned establishments. For example, the people at ACE hardware helped me save $80 on a gas grill that I had intended to order through the Internet, plus there were no shipping charges.
Similarly, when my printer bit the dust, I called Jackson’s Office Supply and they had exactly what I wanted delivered the next day at the same low price as seen online and again, no shipping costs. I had also compared printer cartridge prices at Jackson’s and at Target and the prices were the same.
These are just a couple of examples of why I will continue to shop in Meeker. Please consider supporting the local “brick and mortar” businesses by selecting three of your favorite local businesses and spending $50 at each rather than out of town. Meeker benefits by having most of the money stay in town and its future will look brighter for all of us.
Jody Meakins

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