Letter to the Editor: Mr. Greedy responds

Dear Editor:
Hello, my name is Mr. Greedy, and as with Mr. Selfish, I, too, have a different perspective of what Jack wrote. Sorry I’m a little late on my response, but because I’m greedy I have to go 2,000 miles to Pennsylvania to make money to pay for my kingdom in Meeker. Anyway I’d like to start by saying whoops, Jack, my opinion is a little different than yours. Even though someone is always telling me what to do, whether they’re “knowed” or not. Please forgive my verbiage, I’m not a well-educated individual working for one of the city, county, or state government agencies protecting me from myself. I’m just a greedy, self-educated business owner trying to create jobs for my family and friends so we can support Rio Blanco County and Meeker, Colorado, America. As for your perspective of the planning commission, mine is more like Mr. Selfish’s after going through a year and a half process to get a permit to build my house because everyone was looking out for my best interest. I also had a lot of fees, permits, engineering costs, etc. that the county needed to inspect and approve so that I could move forward, even though they claimed no accountability or responsibility for anything that could go wrong. So, with all those extra people and eyes looking over my shoulder (in my best interest), we finally got a C.O.
Whoopee. Now my home has some major issues, but all those people we paid don’t want any responsibility for these issues. Oh, by the way, we are all human and make mistakes. My question is why do we keep making the same mistakes over and over? As far as banks, insurance, etc., they will decide whether or not to lend us money or insure our homes.
I do appreciate your comments although I feel you are completely out of line taking about something you have no clue of. To top it off, one last thing, I, “Mr. Greedy, aka Randy Ridgeway, went through this exact same process again on another little project I had going called Liberty Industrial. After two and a half years of going back and forth with the commissioners, county attorney and building department as well as the planning commission, I was allowed to move forward with six commercial industrial lots with no infrastructure, which is where I started in the beginning. I also had to pay extra for extra time they spent on this project to come back to where we started. That was after some folks on the planning commission went against what the commissioners and county attorney agreed to.
As for you Mr. Madison, in another letter I was told we were changing these things five years ago. So, let’s not give too much credit or get too fluffed up over something that’s not done yet. If anyone is interested in my two cents worth, please contact me at rtservices@nctelecom.net
Thank you and God bless you,
Randy Ridgeway