Letter to the Editor: New NEPA regs are 95% good

Dear Editor:

I have been expecting a push back from the environmental groups on the newly proposed NEPA regulation revisions as published by the Council on Environmental Quality, because 95% or better of the proposed changes are good. So, I was not surprised to see the letter to the editor last week. I would encourage everyone to look at them and comment. Revising these regulations will make all of our lives easier.

If you go to www.regulations.gov you will be able to find the proposed rules and be able to comment.

These things come in waves. On Jan. 21 the BLM announced that they have started the process to revise the grazing regulations. Right now all they are doing is scoping issues for an Environmental Impact Statement. As there is probably not one person in this county that does not owe their living to federal land, we all need to keep track of the process in order to keep it moving in the right direction.

The Rio Blanco County Commissioners are working on both sets and it is always better if all kinds of people comment on these kinds of proposals.

Jon Hill


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