Letter to the Editor: Oil, gas partnerships with Rio Blanco County appreciated

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Dear Editor:
Times are tough for the natural gas business in Northwest Colorado. But tough times don’t diminish the appreciation our association has for partnerships in Rio Blanco County.

Last year around this time, we expressed public appreciation for the Rio Blanco County commissioners, and this year we would like to do so again.
As a technology-driven industry, our companies were frustrated by the lack of mobile phone and broadband Internet coverage in the county and the commissioners moved quickly to fix this problem.
Over the last decade, front-loaded natural gas well fees were a source of cost and frustration in an already challenging price environment for drilling. In 2015, the commissioners provided a temporary lift of the fees.
From support of the current land use planning efforts to providing clear local regulations, support from elected officials in Rio Blanco County is strong. But the support doesn’t stop there.
The Rio Blanco County Commission stands with their toes to the line when it comes to sage grouse, ongoing litigation with federal agencies, retroactive cancelation of natural gas leases, state rule makings, and the list goes on.
In a state where regulation never stops, growing our association doesn’t take support from Rio Blanco County for granted—and will not do so in the future.
David Ludlam
Executive Director
West Slope Colorado Oil & Gas Association