Letter to the Editor: Teams didn’t stumble

Dear Editor:
We found your headline of three weeks ago stating that the DI teams stumbled at globals to be quite offensive.
Those kids did not stumble! Quite the contrary; they performed admirably! When our small schools can send three teams to the international contests, they deserve considerable credit.
This was not a state contest; this was not even a national contest. This was a worldwide contest! They not only qualified to compete; they placed quite well.
We consider their placing in the top 20 out of hundreds of teams and having the Think-a-Dinks place 11th out of 60-plus teams to be awesome!
The DI teams and their coaches deserve tons of credit for all the time and hard work they put into this achievement.
Wilbur and Lois Richardson
Proud grandparents
of Tevin Pelloni
Member of Think-a-Dink team