Letter: Unfair treatment of volleyball team?

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I am concerned about how the volleyball girls are being treated by the coach and the athletic director of Rangely High School. I have talked with several mothers whose girls play volleyball. It’s a real concern how the girls are being treated. There are girls who have been put back on the JV team, are forced to sit the bench during games. One young lady lives for volleyball, and has played since she was eligible. The love of volleyball is very important to her and she is being overlooked as well as other girls. They have real talent. We either need a new volleyball coach or the present one needs to pay attention to what her job consists of. I have lived in Rangely 40-plus years. I have no children in the school system, but the school suffers as well as the young ladies who pour their hearts and souls into their sport. A concerned citizen.
Laurie Osborn

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  1. Have you, Ms. Osborn, talked to the coach before sending this letter to the newspaper? To the Athletic director? To the Principal? To the Superintendent? To the Rangely School Board? If you have not, you should have as that is the proper chain of responsibility. Without following through by talking to these people in the order I asked, then you haven’t taken your concerns to the people who can answer your questions, hear your concerns and perhaps do something about your concerns. Also if you have not done that then you have not researched the issues and are just “stirring the pot.” I would put more faith into your accusations if you had said you had talked to the coach, the athletic director, the principal, etc.
    If you have real concerns talk to these people before writing a letter to the public.

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