Letters to the Editor: January 22

Dear Editor,
To the residents/property taxpayers of the Western Rio Blanco Recreation and Park District, it has been awhile since an update has been given on the remodel of the Recreation Center. This is due in part to much of the project moving along in bits and pieces. Since the last update, quite a bit has been completed with the remodel to date. Much of the interior concrete work has been completed as well as the new locker rooms to where they are preparing to start doing some of the finish work. Mechanical, electrical, brick work and framing are continuing on the interior of the Recreation Center.
Two of the major items that are being worked on at this time are the new roof system being installed over the pool (this will help the contractors close the building in for the pool installation to be started as well as warm the area for the concrete) and the drilling of the piers (70 of them drilled 20 to 25 feet down with rebar installed in them with concrete poured in them for stabilization of the pool). The piers will also be 18 inches in diameter; this is some serious stabilization, but it is needed so we don’t end up having problems in the future. The pool installers will be here in mid-February to start installing the new pool. This is very exciting and it is going to be well worth the wait.
The Recreation Center was in very tough shape before we started this project and many things were wrong with it as we have discovered moving forward. I would like to personally thank each and every one of you who support the Recreation and Park District and this project. After seeing what was really going on with the building we were very close to having to close it down had we not moved on this when we did. What we are doing with the Recreation Center is basically giving it a face lift and upon completion I believe one’s initial response is going to be “wow” followed by happiness and pride!
We are approximately a week and a half ahead of schedule with this project and are still planning on re-opening the Recreation Center in August 2009. I will keep you posted on the exact date when we get closer
Thank you for understanding and patience in this matter. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me at (970) 675-8211. You can see some pictures of the work at www.westerrioblanco.org.
Timothy J. Webber
Executive Director
Western Rio Blanco Metropolitan Recreation
and Park District

Dear Editor,
I’m sure you will print this in the paper. Ha. I just got off the phone with the Herald trying to find out why we have not received our Rio Blanco County Veterans Book we ordered last year. I was told that since they had problems with reading the picture, my father’s article was not printed in the book. Why did you not contact us to let us know there was a problem. We were looking so forward to this book. This is done, cannot be fixed. Such a disappointment. Your reasoning for not letting us know there was a problem, “didn’t know how to reach us.” Please. I’m looking at the cover letter right now. I gave you my name, address, cell phone, home phone and two e-mail addresses. What more could you have wanted. You didn’t try to find me. Worse case you could have at least printed the article about my father, minus the picture. My family was one of the first wagon trains to this area and helped build this community. With this attitude, I’m sure I’m not the only one that has suffered this omission.
Theo (Hauck) Franks
Rice, Texas

Dear Editor,
This letter is to the people who run a local restaurant. I attended the wrestling tournament at the local high school on Saturday. This event was attended by 14 teams, coaches and their parents. Not to mention the local residents who came out to attend. The tournament ended at 6 p.m. Saturday, and the teams were looking for a place to feed these wrestlers. You must not know that this is probably the only night that they get to eat a worthwhile meal, which they must lose the following week to make weight. However, these wrestlers didn’t get to eat that meal, because when the bus pulled up you locked the front doors and turned out the lights. We called your place of business to ask when you closed, and were told 7 p.m. This was strange because it was only 6:30. Then we watched two more buses pull up but were turned away. I have done a little math on this and 20 people on the bus, three buses, each person spending $10, that is about $600 in lost profits. This doesn’t account for the parents who might have eaten with the team. I may not own a business, but if you continue to run yours this way you may not either. The high school does a good job bringing teams into town for tournaments and activities. This brings revenue to the local businesses. Well, I guess you are financially secure and don’t need any more revenue from people. I give great praise to the businesses who welcome out-of-towners and do everything in their power to accommodate them, by staying open to make sure they get a meal before their long journey home and making our community welcoming. However, after what I witnessed from you, I will tell people who ask not to eat there. Well, my lost business may not affect you, but others may read this and decide not to support you either.
Alicia Cushman